Thank You

9/28/15 – Thank You

I’m writing this entry to let everyone know that I am truly thankful and appreciative for all the love and support for EveryFeeL’d! Much love to my silent partner, Kwesi Peters, for helping turn this idea of mine into a blog site that is affecting the lives of others. Again, I’m truly grateful for the love and support.

As I approach another birthday next week (much love to all the Libras in the world lol) I could honestly look back on my life and say WOW! I’m more than thankful. Growing up, we always want more and/or find ourselves looking at other people to see what they’re doing. In those situations, we might ask ourself, “how did he or she get that job?”, “how come I didn’t get a promotion too”, or “he or she is the same age as me and they have it all. A beautiful family, money, house, and cars.” I can’t even lie, I did that before and at times I still slip up and think like that.

By creating this blog site, reading and sharing stories/articles, I realized sometimes we have to take a step back and just be thankful for the accomplishments we’ve already made in life. Those accomplishments can be drastic or very minor. It can be something as little as having good relationships with your siblings or parents, raising a family, or going to work everyday.

What I’m extremely thankful for at the moment is that I’m healthy enough to wake up everyday and have a chance to make a positive impact in the world. EveryFeeL’d guides individuals to be better human beings as well as understanding that even through tough times, we should appreciate the little things we have in life.

It’s great to be thankful about the good things in life but lets not forget about the little things as well…waking up everyday, having good health…or the challenging obstacles we’ve faced. It sucks but if you look back on the challenging obstacles you’ve faced, you will realize that you needed to face those obstacles in order to get to where you’re at now. Like my big brother explained to me a few months ago, “you have to go through and overcome adversity in order to grow.”

To my consistent and new readers, please take a moment after reading this and just look back on your life. Instead of pointing out the negatives or tough times in your life, reflect and think about the good times, accomplishments or opportunities you received in your life thus far. Positives > Negatives

Love is Love,



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