The Master’s Plan

9/14/15 – The Master’s Plan

Bobbito, please share your story, LOVE ONE:

Have you ever gone through a series of events and months or even years later looked back at that point in your life and realized that it was God all along? The God that I place my faith in leaves nothing to chance. Each and every moment in my life was strategically ordered to bring me to a certain point that God wanted me at. That’s not to say that we can do whatever we want and call it God’s will for us; that would be our own will. What I mean is that when God orders your steps they inevitably lead directly to Him and you realize that He’s been there all along and He loved you and knew you before you began to seek Him. God causes us all to take different paths which give us each a different testimony to his greatness. This is my testimony.

In the beginning of my 11th grade year I transferred high schools. In my senior year at my new school; I was the captain of the basketball team and I thought I was THE MAN! I was averaging 28 points per game and college letters were rolling in. I was the big fish in a small pond and nobody could tell me ANYTHING. I said I believed in God but I was really acting as my own god. I didn’t even realize how empty my life was and didn’t notice my need for a savior.

In December, my season was in full swing and my ego could fill a room. I had a night off and I went with my friends to go watch my old school play. We ended up getting lost and were about to turn around and go home but I decided to try 1 more random turn and that turn took us to the gym. After the game I was walking out with my boys when I saw a girl from my old school that I used to have a crush on but was always afraid to say something to. Suddenly I wasn’t the man and I became a shy boy. I tried to slip out of the gym but she saw me and called my name. We spoke for a little bit and she gave me her AIM screen name. We chatted on AIM for a while and next thing I know we are on the phone every night. I found out she was a pastors daughter and she invited me to church. To have this girl I would have gone anywhere; so to church I went. I didn’t really feel any different but that’s what she wanted so I was there.

That summer I accepted a scholarship to play ball at Adelphi University. One night that summer, the team and I got together to play a little. I had a teammate named Poppy. Poppy was 6’4 220 and a freak athlete with a smile that could light a room. During the game, Poppy was playing defense and took a routine hit in the chest and went down. Long story short, Poppy had a massive heart attack and died after that hit. I had just seen a man in much better shape than I; go from running and dunking to taking a hit that I’ve taken a million times and dying. My World SHATTERED. I ran straight to my church girl who happened to be with her father at the time. I told her what happened and she told me that nothing is guaranteed. She asked me “if you were to die today can you be sure that your soul would go to heaven?”

I ran through every excuse in the book. “I’m a good guy”, “My mom used to bring me to church and I go now”, “God understands why I am the way I am”. I said everything but “yes”. The truth was that I wasn’t sure. I realized that I knew of God but I didn’t know God. I had been my own God for so long but after seeing what I had seen; it became clear that I can’t save myself. I also realized that there has to be more to life than just trying to be “the man”. Then someone posed this question to me “would you rather live like there is a God and find out that there isn’t or live like there is no God and find out that there is?”. I was TERRIFIED and my soul was all I could think of. I gave my life to Christ and my life was never the same. God came and met me right where I was at. I learned to fear the Lord. I was afraid to do anything that would upset God. I was in college but instead of partying and drinking; I was praying and reading the Word and talking to the lady. I was looked at as weird and misunderstood but I didn’t even care about that because I just wanted to be pleasing to God. I later found out that a few of my teammates admired that and two of them would later completely dedicate their lives to Christ.

It turns out that every decision I made led me to that gym that night and God had everything set in place for me to surrender my life to Him. I had finally found a purpose for my life. To serve God is to live and even though I struggle at times, I know that my Savior lives and my life is dedicated to serving Him.

Love is Love,



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