Behind The Scenes

8/3/15 – Behind The Scenes

I recently watched Russell Wilson speak with Pastor Miles on YouTube, and he talked about his upbringing. I watched many specials/interviews similar to this with famous celebrities and athletes speaking about their personal upbringing. I listen to their stories, an instantly I become excited and encouraged!!! I start to think that I could stop what I’m doing, quickly turn my life around, and be able to establish the life they have or receive blessings right away. I laugh and forget about what goes on behind the scenes. In my opinion, to establish great belief in God requires faith, repenting, patience, courage, sacrifice, responsibility, dedication, and discipline. Watching how Steph Curry, Russell Wilson, Maya Moore, Lecrae, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and more conduct themselves is encouraging, but they also let it be known that they are not perfect!

I’m far from perfect as well. Speaking for myself, my personal journey in life is great, fun, long, bumpy, annoying and confusing at times. Even with my strong faith in God, I still struggle everyday with overcoming and facing my demons and temptations. However, even if one is a devoted follower of Christ or someone who believes in God a little bit, just know that individuals are dealt with similar challenges you’ve faced or are facing now.

One thing I learned from reading and watching stories on celebrities and athletes that are truly encouraged by God, is that they STAY THE COURSE. Regardless of any mishap they have experienced in their lives, including lost friends or family members to illnesses, violence, etc., they all stayed the course and did the required work that is needed to be successful in their respected work field.

After reading this, I recommend that you to please click on articles, click on the Russell Wilson O&A w/ Pastor Miles page, and view/listen to his conversation with Pastor Miles.

Love is Love,


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