The Day I Gave In. Before and After

7/16/2015 – The Day I Gave In. Before and After

My brother, Norron McDonald, please share your story Love One:

Hands down, the best decision that I have ever made in my life was the day that I went up to the altar and gave my life to Jesus Christ. It was a day filled with joy in which words cannot express. The only thing that I could think of when I received the Holy Ghost is “why didn’t I do this earlier? ” That’s a common question which I always ask myself. “Why didn’t I do this earlier? ” But the timing of the situation was just right. Sometimes the Lord needs to remove everyone from around you in order for him to speak to you. The thing is that this world is filled with distractions and the enemy has his system set up beautifully. When I was in my ways, I couldn’t see any of these traps on the level I could see it now. I was blinded by one sin then lead by another. But I thank God for opening my eyes and saving me from spiritual death. And the test isn’t over. I’m taking things day by day, and I’m focus on building myself in the Lord.

But I wasn’t always a saved man. I use to live a reckless life. Some may say that I wasn’t that bad compared to others, but if you will fully turn your back on the Lord, you are just as guilty as any murderer, rapist, liar, cheater and kidnapper. The world tells you different. Things are being portrayed in the media telling you how you should live your life. You’re successful if you have money, cars clothes and multiple women or men falling at your feet. And for a while, I tried to believe it, but I could never stray far from the way my parents raised me. I always had a conscience and that’s what kept me grounded. I could never allow myself to become a womanizer and neglect the feelings of another. I also had to be watchful of alcohol consumption. Especially since my father and his father were alcoholics.

When I went to college, I couldn’t drink, but by the second semester of my freshman year, I was looking forward to the weekend. That’s when most of the parties occurred. The alcohol helped you “loosen up”,but if you had too much, you were liable to do something you’ll regret later on. Was it fun in the heat of the moment? Yes. But how did it improve the quality of your life? It didn’t at all. You actually became worst and more dependent on that lifestyle. And when you say your done with this life after a bad experience, you leave for a little, but eventually since everyone in your circle continues with the lifestyle, you end up giving it another shot.

And that’s how the enemy snatches you up. Your life just goes in a never ending circle. Then some form of depression kicks in. Now you’re just exhausted and appalled at your present condition. Then you start to feel as if no one cares anymore and develop a hatred for the world, but at the same time your dependant on the lifestyle and know no other way to live. You try to do good here and there, but the pain of this world is too much for you to bare. So what do you do now? To me, it got to the point where I could give in to all my temptations or turn to Christ for a possible life change. I ended choosing the latter of the two. I opened the Bible app and the verse of the Day was something that I was looking for in that moment. It was in Acts and from there I started to read. I learned about the beginning of the spread of Christian church. The stories and lessons were both interesting and terrifying because I knew that I wasn’t living right.

So I continued to read for a couple of months, until I finally decided to surrender. I went up to the altar before the call was even made. I was there waiting real calm and composed. I was thinking about how to reply to my pastor, because I knew he liked to ask questions. But this time, he just asked me what I wanted and handed me the mic. The way he was so calm threw me off, but I continued. I began to confess my ways and all of sudden my voice started to crack and the tears started to flow. And I’m a shy person, I would never start crying in front of most people, but here I was crying in front of the church and did not care one bit. I was honestly seeking a change in my life. I let it all out and then I felt a power that I have never experienced in my life came over me. I felt at Complete peace for the first time ever. I had no worries in the world. Everything that used to concern me, even death was now in the back of mind. In fact, that very moment I wanted to die right there, because I wanted to go and meet Jesus right then and there. But the timing wasn’t right. I was now able to relate to people whom most church folks couldn’t relate to. People who were from the street. People who looked up to the things that’s always promoted in hip hop songs. And I pray everyday that the Lord uses me for his glory and place those people in front of me.

But to conclude, I now take things day by day. I continually renew my conscience and die daily. I spiritually invest in myself through the word and prayer. I stay with the flock, even when times are so hard, that I just want to branch off on my own. But the spiritual support of the saints keeps me motivated. So my daily repetition is to never leave the flock. Leaving the saints can lead to spiritual death by the ultimate predator… Satan. Surrounding myself constantly with the wrong people can lead to foolish sins. I try to abstain from that.

This life is not easy; In fact it is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but the reward in the end, is like no other. Eternity worshipping the One true God.

Love is Love,

Norron McDonald


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